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Curriculums and Goals for Each Grade

Each year focuses on five important elements of Jewish learning: Chagim (Holidays), Tefillah (Prayer), Ivrit (Hebrew), Torah and Jewish Life. The basic structure of what we work with our students on is detailed below:

Kindergarten – Second Grade

Third Grade

Fourth Grade

Fifth Grade

Sixth Grade

Seventh Grade


Kol Shabbat Programs

Our Kol Shabbat program is a continuation of the Kol Shavua program (the regular school programs detailed above) but we also include students who can only attend on Saturdays. Our schedule allows for grades to separate and combine for various parts of the shabbat service.

  • Torah for Tots is a lively service for toddlers and their families. Led by Kara Sanchez, Rabbi Rachel Solomin and parent volunteers, the service combines prayer, singing and a Torah Parade.
  • The Family Service introduces young students (K-2nd graders) and their parents to the Shabbat siddur, the meaning and melodies of the prayers, and prepares them for Junior Congregation. The service include help by Teen Madrichim with parent participation.
  • Junior Congregation, a service for 3rd-7th (and interested adults) graders, is a thoughtful, interactive, and musical prayer experience. As students acquire prayer and trope skills, they lead parts of the service and prepare short Torah readings, as assisted by Teen Madrichim.
  • 6th-8th graders are also encouraged to form a  Middle School Minyan if they are interested in a more sophisticated prayer environment.
  • Our 3rd-7th grade students participate in Ivrit (Hebrew) Groups during the first part of the morning (small groups of 3 students with parent/ madrichim). We use our communal Shabbat observance to push us towards creative ways to interact with the Hebrew language, focusing on singing, games, reading, and conversational elements.
  • Our 3rd-7th grade students split into various Torah Classes for about an hour before joining together again for Junior Congregation. These classes have included: “Bibliodrama/Jewish Heroes and Heroines Interactive Activities”, “Torah Trope”, “Parashah Partners”, “Mishnah/Ethics Seminar”, “Introduction to Rabbinic Texts”, etc.

Everyone is welcome in our egalitarian Jewish community