Weekday Minchah

Page numbers are for Siddur Sim Shalom, followed by Siddur Lev Shalem in red.  Click on the play/pause button in the audio player.

Weekday Services

The weekday services are short and sweet, and an excellent place to start learning to lead davening. Listen, read, and sing along.

Weekday minchah (afternoon) service (Rabbi Graff)

Ashrei, pp 164-166, p 289

Chatzi Kaddish, p 166, p 290

Weekday Amidah, pp 168-184, pp 291-299

Shalom Rav melody, p 184, p 299

Tachanun, pp 192-194

Kaddish Shalem to the end of Minchah, pp 194-198, p 300

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Chatzi Kaddish
Weekday Amidah
Shalom Rav
Kaddish Shalem to end

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