Weekday Ma’ariv

Page numbers are for Siddur Sim Shalom, followed by Siddur Lev Shalem in red.  Click on the play/pause button in the audio player.

Weekday Services

The weekday services are short and sweet, and an excellent place to start learning to lead davening. Listen, read, and sing along.

Weekday ma’ariv (evening) service (Rabbi Graff)

Weekday Ma’ariv – Beginning, p 200, p 264

Shema, pp 202-204, pp 265-267

Mi Chamocha (2 versions), p 204, p 267

Hashkivenu and following, pp 206-208, p 267

Chatzi Kaddish, p 208, p 269

Amidah, Kaddish Shalem and following, pp 210-226, pp 270-279

Psalm 27, pp 40-42, p 59

Achat Sha’alti Melody (in Psalm 27), p 40, p 59


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