Junior Congregation

Our youth services on Shabbat are filled with energetic singing, lively discussions, and budding student davening leaders. We blend the (vocal) music of the Reform and Conservative traditions with camp songs, Carlebach nigunin (wordless melodies), contemplative chants, and songs by new Jewish artists. You’ll see funny hand motions to “Yotzer Or” and “Or Chadash” and also be moved by children’s voices singing “Ozi V’Zimrat Yah” and “Ilu Finu”. Parents, congregants, guests, and other adults are welcome to join us for the Family Serivce (K-2 grades) and Junior Congregation (3rd-7th grades).

The page numbers for Kol Shabbat correspond to the thin, bright blue siddur, Siddur Shema Yisrael, which can be borrowed from the Religious School office. Take a listen to the melodies from our youth services, recorded by Rabbi Graff and Rabbi Matzkin.

Click here to learn The “Kol Emeth” trope with Jeff Schwarz.

Junior Congregation and Family Service Melodies:

Ma Tovu, p 70

Birchot HaShachar, p 74

Baruch She’amar, p.76

Halleluya #1, p 82

Halleluya #2, p 82

Barchu, p 89

Yotzer Or, p 90

Or Chadash, p 96

Ahavah Rabbah, p 97

Shema, p 101

V’ahavta, p 101

Vayomer (3rd paragraph of the Shema), p 104

Mi Chamocha, p 106

Amidah, p 113

Kedusha (angel’s melody), p 118

L’dor Vador, p 118

Ain Kamocha (Beginning of Torah Service), p 152

Vayehi Binsoa Haron, p 153

Shema, Echad, Gadlu, Lecha Hashem (march with Torah), p 155

Aliyah Blessings and choreography, p 158-9

V’zot HaTorah, p 162

Returning the Torah (Yehalelu, Hodo, Mizmor l’David), p 170

Etz Chaim Hee (Closing the Ark), p 173

Aleinu, p 176

Kiddush for Shabbat Morning (v’Shamru), p 182

Musaf Kedushah (Rabbi Matzkin)

B’Shem Hashem Kedushah, p 189

Everyone is welcome in our egalitarian Jewish community