Friday Night Prayers

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Shabbat evening (Friday night)

Kabbalat Shabbat
Friday Night Ma’ariv


Kabbalat Shabbat (Rabbi Graff)

Yedid Nefesh, Lev Shalem p10 (Sim Shalom p252)

L’chu N’ranena #1, Lev Shalem p11 (Sim Shalom p254)

L’chu N’ranena #2, Lev Shalem p11 (Sim Shalom p254)

L’chu N’ranena #3, Lev Shalem p11 (Sim Shalom p254)

Arba’im Shana, Lev Shalem p12 (Sim Shalom p254)

Shiru L’Adonai (Psalm 96), Lev Shalem p13-14 (Sim Shalom p254)

Adonai Malach (Psalm 97), Lev Shalem p15-16 (Sim Shalom p256)

Mizmor Shiru (Psalm 98), Lev Shalem p17-18 (Sim Shalom p256)

Adonai Malach (Psalm 99), Lev Shalem p19-20 (Sim Shalom p258)

Mizmor L’David (Psalm 29), Lev Shalem p19-20 (Sim Shalom p260)

L’cha Dodi #1, Lev Shalem p23-25 (Sim Shalom p262)

L’cha Dodi #2, Lev Shalem p23-25 (Sim Shalom p262)

Mizmor Shir (Psalm 92) #1, Lev Shalem p27 (Sim Shalom p266)

Mizmor Shir (Psalm 92) #2Lev Shalem p27 (Sim Shalom p266)

Tzadik Katamar, Lev Shalem p28 (Sim Shalom p266)

Adonai Malach Ge’ut Lavesh (Psalm 93),
Lev Shalem p29 (Sim Shalom p266)

Shiru L’Adonai (Psalm 96) #2 (Carlebach),
Lev Shalem p13-14 (Sim Shalom p254)

Mizmor Shiru (Psalm 98) #2 (Carlebach),
Lev Shalem p17-18 (Sim Shalom p256-258)

Mizmor L’David (Psalm 29) #2 (Carlebach),
Lev Shalem p21 (Sim Shalom p260)

L’cha Dodi #3 (Carlebach), Lev Shalem p23-25 (Sim Shalom p262)


Ma’ariv for Friday night (Rabbi Graff)

Barchu, Maariv Aravim, Lev Shalem p39 (Sim Shalom p279)

Ahavat Olam, Lev Shalem p40 (Sim Shalom p282)

Shema Vahavta, Lev Shalem p41 (Sim Shalom p284)

Umalchuto b-ratzon Mi Kamocha Gaal Yisrael,
Lev Shalem p44 (Sim Shalom p290)

Umalchuto Mi Kamocha 2 (Carlebach),
Lev Shalem p39 (Sim Shalom p279)p 290, p 44

Hashkivenu, Lev Shalem p45 (Sim Shalom p292)

Ufros Aleinu (Hashkivenu 2), Lev Shalem p45 (Sim Shalom p292)

V’shamru, Lev Shalem p46 (Sim Shalom p294)

Chatzi KaddishLev Shalem p46 (Sim Shalom p294)

V’shamru and Chatzi Kaddish 2 (Carlebach),
Lev Shalem p46 (Sim Shalom p294)

Vayechulu, Lev Shalem p53 (Sim Shalom p2314)

Konei ShamayimLev Shalem p53 (Sim Shalom p314, 2nd paragraph)

Magen Avot,  (Sim Shalom p314)

Elokeinu, Lev Shalem p54 (Sim Shalom p314, last paragraph)

Elokeinu (chanted), Lev Shalem p54 (Sim Shalom p314)

Kaddish Shalem, Lev Shalem p54 (Sim Shalom p316)

Aleinu, Lev Shalem p56 (Sim Shalom p320)

Psalm 27 (in High Holiday season), Lev Shalem p59 (Sim Shalom p40)

Yigdal, Lev Shalem p62 (Sim Shalom p326)

Kiddush, Lev Shalem p55 (Sim Shalom p318)

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