Prayer can heal and enrich our lives. It can unlock joy and gratitude. Spiritual life and prayer are a dynamic part of Kol Emeth. Our services are participatory and we invite you to be among the leaders. Our services are egalitarian because we hear in each other’s voices a sign of God’s presence. Our services take place in community because face to face human connection is an essential component of a spiritual life. Feel welcome to come to any of our services and experience the warmth, joy, and song of our prayers.

Learn to lead services!
Sing along with more confidence! Check out the wonderful collection of tunes our Rabbis and teachers and congregants have made available: Learn the Service

Regular Minyan and Shabbat Schedule

6:00pm Friday evening**

9:15am Saturday morning

7:45pm Sunday through Thursday, Daily minyan*

9:15am on Sunday and 6:45 am on Thursday morning*

Kol Emeth daily minyan provides an intimate environment for communal prayer and supports visitors and those in our community mourning the loss of a loved one. Everyone is welcome. Please come to daily minyan to support people who need a minyan.

* Minyan times and locations will vary. While we are temporary relocated locations will vary. Check the Calendar to see the latest location information. Holidays: There is no daily minyan on seder nights – the first two nights of Pesach (Passover). Sukkot services are held at various times and locations

** Friday night / Shabbat evening services
Friday night services begin at 6:00pm and are at various locations. Once or twice a month, Rabbi David Booth and his family host Barkhu at the BoothsCheck the calendar to see what program is planned for a particular Friday night. Contact the office if you need the address for Barkhu at the Booths.

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Everyone is welcome in our egalitarian Jewish community