Tisha B’av

The Fast of the 9th of Av commemorates the destruction of both the First and Second Temple in Jerusalem, as well as many other tragedies in Jewish history, all ascribed to this day.  This year we will join with Congregation Etz Chayim for an evening of reflection, prayer, and chanting the ancient Megillah of Lamentations/Eichah.


Saturday, July 21 – AT ETZ CHAYIM
9:15pm – Erev Tisha B’av Service with Megilat Eichah/Lamentations


Sunday, July 22 – AT KE OFFICES, 2525 CHARLESTON, SUITE 204
9:15am – Tisha B’av morning service with Megilat Eichah
7:45pm – Minchah Service for the Fast Day, including Torah reading
8:55pm – Fast ends

Post archive date: Sunday July 22nd, 2018