“There is a Place” A lecture and film about Music and Alzheimer’s

Sunday, Februrary 4, 11:30am
Kol Emeth

“There Is a Place” (a documentary film by Tania Ku) presented by the music therapist Lior Tsarfaty. Lior’s personal journey of discovering his gift of music as a young man and learning how to share this gift with the Alzheimer’s patients! The movie captures the beauty of how music can help Alzheimer patients who are confused, lost and in deep suffering.
The event includes  the film, a lecture by Lior Tsarfaty, Q & A and few songs related to Lior’s work.


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This is Rimon, an Israeli Alzheimer’s patient. Unfortunately, he cannot speak or communicate, but can drum and move to the rhythm! Notice how he stops when Lior stops tapping. Amazing! https://www.dropbox.com/s/8q1sp35dgydiq93/LiorTsarfaty%20.mp4?dl=0


Post archive date: Sunday February 4th, 2018