Scholar-In-Residence Weekend Featuring Dr. Ron Wolfson

November 16-17
(All events will be at the OFJCC)

“Toward a Relational Judaism: How Relationships are at the Heart of a Sacred Community”

Join us for an enlightening and enriching weekend, as we explore Relational Judaism and what it means to be a congregation in the 21st Century.

Dr. Wolfson’s Sessions will be highly interactive and may help you meet new people and create deeper relationships!

Friday Night (Nov 16)- Special Daven and Dine with Ron Wolfson

  • Keynote Address: “Envisioning the Relational Synagogue of the 21st Century: The case for shifting the paradigm of engagement from transactional to relational”
  • 6:00pm Services and Dinner. Menu: hearty lentil soup; roasted salmon with yoghurt dill sauce on side; rice; cooked vegetable; green salad with homemade salad dressing on the side; cookies and frozen treats
  • 8:00pm Speaker and Dessert Reception
  • The dinner is fully subscribed.  To be notified in the event of cancellations, please email Flaurie (

Shabbat Morning Sermon (Nov 17)

  • 11:00am “Welcoming: The First Step in Building a Sacred Community of Relationships”
  • Shabbat Shiur (1:15pm “The Seven Questions You’re Asked in Heaven”)

Dr. Ron Wolfson is the Fingerhut Professor of Education in the Graduate Center for Jewish Education at the American Jewish University in Los Angeles. Dr. Wolfson is a popular scholar-in-residence for communities and synagogues, traveling the world speaking on a wide range of topics in Jewish life, a co-founder of Synagogue 3000, and a pioneer in the field of Jewish family education.

He is the author of many books including his most recent (with co-authors Rabbis Nicole Auerbach and Lydia Medwin), The Relational Judaism Handbook: How to Create a Relational Engagement Campaign to Build and Deepen Relationships in Your Community.

Ron is President of the Kripke Institute for Jewish Family Literacy and the Center for Relational Judaism.

Post archive date: Saturday November 17th, 2018