Kol Emeth New Building Information

Kol Emeth strives to be a catalyst for Jewish growth in our community.

Hospitality, personally enriching Torah study, and communal engagement are all ways we seek the meaning and presence that Moses sought. Social gatherings, small group learning, caring for others, and prayer are all ways we create strong relationships around shared values.

We are pleased to be constructing a new physical home for Kol Emeth. Here we will write our story in the very fabric of our new facility. It will remind us of who are, inspire us, and function as a catalyst to be a blessing both inside its walls, in our homes and work places, and the world.

Rendering of our New Courtyard

Our building tells the story of being in the desert. That time of journeying was filled with growth and dynamic change for the Jewish people and the world. We embrace innovation and experimentation as tools to help enrich lives in the South Peninsula as we demonstrate the meaning Jewish living and community offers.


Some more Information and Updates about the project:


Renderings of our New Building:

Some recent construction images:

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Everyone is welcome in our egalitarian Jewish community