Minyan Options – Let’s Support Each Other!

There are now three ways you can support those in our Kol Emeth Community, and you get to choose in which one you would like to participate.

Please let us know your thoughts on our Minyanim by completing our online survey!

Choice 1: Create and belong to a Minyan Club. You organize 8-10 people (or couples), and you all agree to attend minyan when one of you has a yartzheit. The office will take the responsibility of notifying you via email when you need to attend. We are going to use the email application system designed by the established Jewish organization – NationalJewishMemorialWall.com. It converts the Gregorian date to the Hebrew date and updates the date yearly, and sends reminders on the Hebrew date!

Choice 2: Choose a day of the month – such as the second Tuesday of each month for example, and commit for 6 months: October to March or April to September. This way YOU choose what works for you. This mitzvah can be yours!!!

Choice 3: Maintain the assigned 2 weeks that are currently in place. If this works for you, great! We will keep this procedure in place as well.  Please visit https://members.kolemeth.org/minyan-rotation/ to view the currently assigned groups.

Please help our Kol Emeth Community maintain this important component of our Jewish lives. Young adults of bar/bat mizvah age (13) count in the minyan!! Feel free to bring younger children as well, as they are more than welcome. Snacks will be provided nightly.

Please take some time to read this piece written by fellow congregant and volunteer extraordinaire. Judi Zeitlin a few years ago:

My father died in December. I go to services on Thursday morning and most nights to say kaddish. I say kaddish because it feels like my responsibility as a Jew and my final responsibility to him. I also love the feeling of being surrounded by community: those who are saying kaddish along with me and those who say "amen" to the words of praise we are saying. It seems to ease the loneliness of the loss.

Here's what magnifies the loneliness - coming to the service and getting to "aleinu" and knowing that I cannot say the time honored words of praise in kaddish because there is no minyan. It's like having a hand clamped over my mouth, keeping me from the final chance to do something for my father.

It turns out that fulfilling my obligation requires partnership. You, my community, have to show up as well.

It's easy to think - oh, I'm just one person; it won't matter if one person doesn't come. You count, you really do. We have 630+ member units in our congregation, and it's seems like everyone is saying they don't matter. Every night I drive up, dreading the struggle, having to call the same people who live nearby to help make a minyan if someone has a yahrzeit.

I am not asking you to come every night. I'm not asking you to come every week. How about if we all just honor our "rotation"? It's 2 weeks out of the year. 1/26th of a year. That's it. Now, we also have 2 other options to help ensure that we have daily minyans. Please follow this link to let us know your preference.