Living Room Minyan

While we build our new Kol Emeth home, we’re bringing Kol Emeth into our own homes.
The Living Room Minyan (LRM) offers an intimate, chavurah-style alternative for prayer and song for everyone.

• Shabbat morning minyan in a Barron Park/Green Acres neighborhood living room
• Twice monthly (mostly); once with Torah reading, once with Parasha discussion
• Starts at 9:15am promptly
• Kiddush is a light nosh
• Everyone is welcome!

We are looking for people to take on specific logistics tasks, as small or as large as you prefer.
Contact for more information.

Upcoming Living Room Minyanim. 

  • August 4: Full Torah reading of Ekev. Home of Howard & Miriam Schulman.
  • August 18: In depth discussion of the parasha Shoftim led by Marian Scheuer Sofaer and Abe Sofaer. Home of Howard & Miriam Schulman.
  • No Living Room Minyanim in September, due to the High Holidays
  • October 6: Full Torah reading of B’reisheet
  • October 20: In depth discussion of the parasha Lech L’cha
  • November 3: Full Torah reading of Chayei Sarah
  • November 17: In depth discussion of the parasha VaYetzei

If a location is not listed, please check back closer to that date.  For the most up to date locations, please check our online calendar.

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