Kol Emeth Locations During Construction

Please see the calendar for current event specific location information.

We encourage everyone to keep attending services and events during this exciting time! It is vitally important that we remain the close-knit community that we’ve always been. We need your support to those saying kaddish, so please attend minyan whenever you can. Classes and events will continue. This might be a great time to try a new class or come to an event that you’ve never tried before!

There are three major locations we’ll be using during this “time in the desert.”

1) Oshman Family JCC – 3921 Fabian Way, Palo Alto, 94303
(map link)

The vast majority of our Saturday Morning Shabbat services and programming will take place at the JCC, including our first relocation Shabbat on Saturday, February 24. Please join us on the 4th floor in the Friedenrich Conference Center. We will have KE greeters and signage available to guide you. Additionally, JCC staff is prepared to assist and escort congregants with mobility issues, and resources will include valets, elevators, and accessible parking.
(Friday night services will be in various locations- please always refer to the Calendar)

2) Congregation Etz Chayim – 4161 Alma St., Palo Alto, 94306
(map link)

In the spirit of Klal Yisrael, the Etz Chayim community is opening its doors to us for weekday minyanim, beginning Monday, February 19. They are also graciously hosting our religious school on Tuesdays and Thursdays, as well as some of our weekday adult education offerings.

3) 2525 Charleston Road Suite 204, Mountain View, 94043
(map link):

Kol Emeth’s new administrative office is conveniently located just a block and a half away from the JCC. If you have questions or concerns, or just want to see a friendly face from KE, please visit us in suite 204. Our offices will also be home to Sunday minyan and Talmud class.

Please take time to thank the staff of the JCC and Etz Chayim! We are very blessed to be able to use their facilities, so please treat them with the utmost care and respect.