Living Room Minyan

Old or young
Wherever you live,
However you get there:
Everyone is welcome.

Living Room Minyan is back! We hope you join us for this intimate, chavurah-style alternative on Shabbat. On alternating sessions, we’ll either read the weekly parasha, or have an in-depth parasha discussion.

Whether you are an expert davener or just feeling your way, whether you live in the neighborhood or far away, whether you need to walk or just want to come, the Living Room Minyan is for you.

  • Shabbat morning minyan in a Barron Park/Green Acres neighborhood living room
  • Twice monthly (mostly); once with Torah reading, once with Parasha discussion
  • Starts at 9:15am promptly
  • Kiddush is a light nosh
  • Everyone is welcome!

We are looking for people to take on specific logistics tasks, as small or as large as you prefer.
Contact for more information.

Upcoming 2019 Living Room Minyanim.

  • September 7 (Full kriah of parashat Shoftim at the Dinitz Home)
  • September 21 (In-depth chevruta study of parashat Ki Tavo Dinitz Home)
  • October will not have any Living Room Minyanim as Tishrei is already busy!
  • November 2 (Full kriah of parashat Noach, location TBA)
  • November 16 (In-depth discussion of parashat VaYera, location TBA)
  • December 7 (Full kriah of parashat VaYetze, location TBA)
  • December 21 (In-depth discussion of parashat VaYeshev, location TBA)

Last minute location changes may occur. For the most up to date locations, please check our online calendar.

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