LEARN with David Meir-Levi

10:15AM-12:15PM at Etz Chayim

December 13, 2018
January 10, 2019
February 14, 2019
March 14, 2019
April 11, 2019

Brown bag your own lunch – dairy or vegetarian, please

Class sessions are 2 hours each and include a break. 7 topics will be explored:

  1. The Biblical creation story, its parallels in Sumerain and Akkadian literature and in Astrophysics, and the questions that these parallels raise.
  2. The Patriarchs, the Habiru, and the Hurrians: from Abraham to the prince of Asher treed by a bear, to the Israelites in pre-Exodus Canaan and the “Israel” rendered :as though it did not exist” by Mernephtah, with special reference to inscriptions from Nuzu, Alalakh, Urkesh, and Ebla.
  3. The Exodus chronology, from Joseph to “Egyptian monotheism” to king Tut to Moses to Bil’am (and his talking donkey), with special attention to parallel historical chronologies in Egypt, the Hittite empire, and the Amorite inscriptions of Ebla.
  4. The Joshua chronology, from the “fringe people” to the sea people” to the “sea people” and the twilight of Canaanite civilization as reconstructed from archaeological finds of the last century.
  5. The historicity of Israelite kings and kingdoms: Archaeological and epigraphic evidence for David, various kings of Israel and Judah, David’s conquest of Jerusalem by means of “the pipe”, the problem of the two Goliaths, the Assyrians and Babylonians.
  6. A rabid reading of the Pentateuchal narrative with special attention to the “Emmet Kelly” effect the “Eyleh Toldoth” conceit, and the progression from a universalist Creation to a nationalist vision.
  7. Jesus, his older brother James, his absentee father Joseph, treasonous Josephus, Jerusalem, Bar Kokhba and the Dead Sea Scrolls – what light do they throw on the origins of Christianity and the messianic fervor of post-Second Temple Judaism?

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