Kol Emeth Resilience Project

“Fail fast, fail often” is a familiar Silicon Valley mantra, but how many of us are truly able to embrace risk and court failure? In the face of intense pressure to succeed — at school, at work, and in the bay area social milieu — how do we create a counterculture that normalizes setbacks and struggle? How do we encourage ourselves and others to adapt, learn, and bounce back?

The Kol Emeth Resilience Project is an all-ages-and-stages initiative that serves to foster personal resilience, build communal gratitude and support mental health. Join us as we explore these topics in a variety of events over the coming year. Let’s #keepgrowing together!

Upcoming Events:

“Unexpected Hope:” A Podcast Event (Spring 2019)

Join us for our inaugural podcast recording! We’ll host an evening of compelling stories about finding hope in unexpected places, and in surprising ways. In addition to hearing from our guest storytellers, we’ll have an open mic session and invite stories of hope from the audience.


Coming Attractions

We’ve got several exciting programs planned specifically for teens, to help them grow their resilience as they navigate adolescence and the college admissions process. We’re also planning additional community-wide events — details to come!

#keepgrowing Resilience Project