KE’s Virtual Week: March 22-28


Shavuah Tov! 
We are excited to share with you the first of our weekly emails detailing everything available to you at Kol Emeth this virtual week. Each Sunday, we will be providing you with the schedule and links to all kinds of spiritual, educational, and social programs geared for all ages. All services (including Shabbat) are listed with links as well. 
In addition to the weekly schedule, you will find descriptions of everything! There are lots of continuing classes that welcome newcomers, as well as some brand new offerings. Each week, be on the lookout for additional classes and one time opportunities as well. 
Please note that all of these events will be using the Zoom platform. If you have not already downloaded Zoom Client for Meetings onto your computer, it will be best to do so before joining these groups. If you need assistance, please see the Kol Emeth website or contact Tamika to be connected with one of our amazing KE Tech Support Volunteers. We’ll have tech support volunteers available today to help you set up Zoom from 5:00 to 7:00pm, and are happy to help with additional questions that may arise.
This is an important time to stay connected as a community, and KE is here for you and your family. If you need anything at all, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I’m looking forward to “seeing” all of you this week!
Morat Derech Sarah
Please remember to check the Kol Emeth Website for up to date information,
and the KE online calendar for events & classes. For this week’s schedule, complete with Zoom links, please click here.
Daily Spiritual Connection
Daily Gratitude
10 minutes of song, inspiration, and a gratitude focus for the day. Inspired by the traditional morning blessings. For all ages. Led by Rabbi Graff and Rabbi Booth
Monday – Friday 8:00am. Sunday 10:00am
Click here to join –
Evening Minyan
Sunday – Thursday 7:45pm
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Events for Families and Teens
For our five and under crowd (and anyone else who needs some help getting out those wiggles and giggles before bedtime). Join musician Tyler Dean for some music and movement fun to help get us ready for sweet dreams.
Monday & Wednesday 6:30-7:30pm
For ages 5 & under and the people who love them! Join us for a Shabbat sing-a-long and dance party with Toby Pechner and Rabbi Booth, followed by bedtime Shema and a special PJ Library story
with Morat Derech Sarah. 
Friday 5:00pm
For Torah for Tots attendees through 7th Graders – a weekly opportunity to connect with each other through music, gratitude, and of course, a chapter from “Wayside School.” All families welcome to join.
Tuesday 5:00-6:30pm
Need some silly, fun time to unwind after school? Join our amazing madrichim for games and laughs – geared for grades
K to 7th.
Thursday 4:00pm
For all 8th-12th graders – come join us for an evening of cooperative gaming and community building. See old friends and meet some new ones too!
Saturday March 28 8:30pm
For our HS Students – How do we manage the unprecedented experience of social isolation we are experiencing? How can Jewish law address having a minyan when we can’t gather? What about Shabbat rules and streaming? Let’s take a chance to learn and hang out together on zoom!
Wednesday 4:00pm with Rabbi Booth
Adult Classes
Rabbi Booth’s weekly Talmud classes on Sundays and Wednesdays. New participants welcome! Sunday we are studying Bava Batra, Wednesdays we are studying Shabbat.
Wednesdays 12:15pm – Click here to join!
Sundays 10:15am – Click here to join!
Intro to Judaism
Continuation of Rabbi Booth’s class. Please contact him directly to join.
Sundays 11:25am – 12:25pm
Join Rabbi Booth for a taste of Mussar. Beginners welcome at this 15 minute introduction to an ethical discipline of growth and meaning.
Sundays 8:00pm following minyan
Torah from Heaven
Rabbi Booth’s weekly Heschel class. New participants welcome!
Thursdays 8:15am, following morning minyan
Women’s Study Group
Rabbi Graff’s ongoing study group. Dive into the weekly parasha and the rituals of Passover, seeking meaning for our lives at this time. New participants welcome!
Seeking Uplift From the Haggadah as we Face our Great Challenge
In this short series leading up to Pesach, we will search for insights in the seder text
and its many commentaries for building resilience and hope for us, our families and
our community. Rabbi Lewis hopes that the ideas discussed can be used as sparks
for dialogue at our seders this year. If possible, each participant should bring a copy
of the Haggada to the session. Everything studied will be in English translation.
Mondays 11:00am-Noon
Spiritual Wisdom in a Time of Pandemic 
Following minyan, Rabbi Amy Eilberg will lead us in a time of study and discussion on
major spiritual themes that this time of pandemic brings to the fore for us. We will consider some of the immense challenges and spiritual opportunities of living at this troubled time, in a safe and loving circle. We will support one another in seeking to meet this crisis with as much wisdom, balance and compassion as possible.
Mondays 8:00pm, following minyan
Rabbinic Response to Isolation and Catastrophe
Let’s take a look at Biblical and Rabbinic responses to disease, healing, isolation, and catastrophe. We will study for about 20 minutes or so and then have some discussion.
Tuesdays 8:00pm, following minyan
New Adult Connections
Your Virus, Your Way
Join Dale Pearlman for this virtual “show.” An open mic, MC’d by Dale, to hear how
the virus is affecting our friends, what problems folks are running into, and what
solutions they’ve found. Let’s hear your solutions to problems others are facing.
Tuesdays 2:00pm
Aging with Intention Check In
For all participants in Aging with Intention, join Honey Meir-Levi for a chance
to connect and check in.
Mondays 10:00am
Coffee Klatch
Hosted by members of the Kol Emeth Board, Wednesday evenings and Friday mornings. Grab a mug or glass of your favorite beverage and connect with your KE friends.
Wednesdays 8:00pm, following minyan Click here to join!
Fridays 10:00am Click here to join!
Tkeya Young Adults Happy Hour
Calling all Young Adults – join us for a virtual happy hour to unwind and connect
with friends. BYOB and snacks/dinner.
Wednesday 6:30pm
Finally, Shabbat March 28
Jammies and Jeans
For ages 5 & under and the people who love them! Join us for a Shabbat sing-a-long
and dance party with Toby Pechner and Rabbi Booth, followed by bedtime Shema
and a special PJ Library story with Morat Derech Sarah. 
Friday 5:00pm Click here to join!
Kabbalat Shabbat with the Graff-Roy Family
Join the Graff-Roy Family for a traditional Kabbalat Shabbat service filled with joy and song. Click here to join!
Shabbat Morning Contemplative Service
In these times of anxiety and physical isolation, we need to connect through the prayer of the heart. Join us for the Contemplative Service (no prior experience required), where we gather in spiritual community, chanting and reflecting on the meanings of the prayers at this troubled time. Thank you to Zoom for allowing us a way to nourish our souls together, even now. Click here to join!
Shabbat Singing
There are tons of wonderful songs in the Jewish tradition. Shabbat afternoon is a great time to enjoy the pleasures of singing – join your KE friends for a chance to sing your favorites and learn some new melodies too! All ages welcome.
Havdalah 8:30pm
Gather your candle, wine, and spices! Join Elaine Moise and the KE community as we transition from Shabbat with joy and song. Click here to join!

Post archive date: Wednesday April 22nd, 2020