Israel In Our Hearts’ Committee Kick-Off Event!

Thursday, November 8, 7:00pm
2525 Charelston Rd., Suite 204, Mountain View.
RSVP Requested – Please email Vera Roth at:
We would love to see you at our kick off event. If you have questions, please email Vera Roth.

Preliminary Mission Statement for ‘Israel in Our Hearts’ committee:
Let’s examine together Israel’s unique culture and the opportunities for KE community members to connect on a personal level with Israeli society.

Proposed committee activities:

    1. Sponsoring periodic discussions, videos, talks on selected topics from the mosaic of contemporary Israeli life, such as arts, sciences, education, etc. (for CKE and the broader community?)
    2. Enrich KE’s school children activities by helping to create an environment of fun and curiosity toward Israel, by introducing elements of contemporary youth culture.
    3. Finding a way to connect with communities in Israel, possibly by utilizing our own community’s expertise, to improve STEM education of underprivileged children of Israel.

Israel in Our Hearts committee would love to hear your ideas and welcome your participation.

Agenda for the kick-off event
This group is designed to build a better connection to Israel life and culture within our community. We will stay neutral in all aspects of Israel and the USA political discourse.

At our first event, we will discuss our Mission Statement, your ideas, your preferred subjects of future meetings and in what ways you can participate in our committee activities.

If time permits examine the relations and expectations of Israelis and USA Jews.

Post archive date: Thursday November 8th, 2018