Important Minyan Information

While our new building is under construction, we need your support in attending minyan more than ever!  Our regular weekday and Sunday minyanim are as follows:

  • Monday to Thursday Evenings, 7:45pm and Thursday Mornings at 6:45am – Congregation Etz Chayim, 4161 Alma St., Palo Alto (Click here for a map)
  • Thursday Mornings, 6:45am – Congregation Etz Chayim
  • Sunday Morning 9:15am, and Sunday Evening 7:45pm – 2525 E. Charleston Rd., Suite 204, Mountain View (Click here for a map)

Please check our online calendar for updates!

Be sure to check out our new Living Room Minyanim!
While we build our new Kol Emeth home, we’re bringing Kol Emeth into our own homes.
The Living Room Minyan (LRM) offers an intimate, chavurah-style alternative for prayer and song for everyone.

• Shabbat morning minyan in a Barron Park/Green Acres neighborhood living room
• Twice monthly (mostly); once with Torah reading, once with Parasha discussion
• Starts at 9:15am promptly
• Kiddush and a light nosh
• Everyone is welcome!

We are looking for people to take on specific logistics tasks, as small or as large as you prefer.
Contact Tina Fein Dinitz for more information at
1 April / Dinitz home / Second day Pesach with Torah reading
21 April / Dinitz home / Tazria/Metzora with discussion
5 May / Dinitz home / Emor with Torah reading
19 May / Dinitz home / B’midbar with discussion
2 June / Meir-Levi home / B’ha’alotcha with Torah reading
16 June / Meir-Levi home / Korach with discussion
7 July / Lewis home / Pinchas with Torah reading
21 July / Lewis home / D’varim with discussion