Important: Kol Emeth & Local Programming

Hi All,

An update, of which you will be receiving many over the next few weeks. PLEASE CHECK THE WEBSITE OFTEN.

Since my letter from last evening, we have instituted other changes; some are based on the government, some are based on our renting institutions, and some are just from us. Please note, to date we have had no reported cases of COVID-19 in the Kol Emeth community.

  1. Our Shabbat service tomorrow, March 14th, is for the Bar Mitzvah Family only. Mazal tov in advance to the Levin family. We are streaming the service; the streaming will be available at 9 AM, with services starting at 9:15 AM. We are complying with Santa Clara County edict that no more than 25 people be in attendance at any function.
  2. All adult education classes will be run virtually. Stay tuned for details on the links and how to use the platform.
  3. Until you are notified on the website, all daily minyanim- morning and evening- will be done virtually. This will begin towards the end of next week, as we need time to put it all into place. Please check the website for details.
  4. We are setting up Chesed calls and offers to help those in our congregation who might need help. Please contact Rabbi Graff if you are able and willing to help make calls – 2 a day – or run an errand for someone else.
  5. We are no longer having any gatherings of any kind until we are comfortable with all the data that we will not be placing anyone at risk. This includes all services. There will be no streaming of Shabbat services after tomorrow.

Personally, I feel blessed with our staff and congregation. We are Jews who pull together and, Please G-d, we will get through this debacle with as much grace and good health as we can.

Thanks to all of you for your support and for just being you. More virtual hugs coming your way.

Stay healthy and Shabbat Shalom.