How to Prepare and Protect Our Synagogue From an Attack (G-D Forbid) Security Panel

Aug. 5

The world can be a dangerous place these days. Maimonides stated, “It is a mitzvah for all Jews who are able to come and help defend their brethren to do so, and it is forbidden to delay their coming until after Shabbat.” This Community Conversation will be a panel discussion among local security experts, moderated by Bob Zeidman, about how we should prepare ourselves and our synagogue, and what to do if we find ourselves under attack.

Moderator:  Bob Zeidman, Chair of the Kol Emeth Security Committee

Panel Members
-Kenneth Dueker, J.D., is the Director of Emergency Services for the City of Palo Alto
-Stacey Moy, Supervisory Agent working out of FBI Headquarters in Washington, DC
-Allan Lavigne, Bay Area Director of Security for The JCRC and JCF and Liaison to Homeland Security & The FBI

Post archive date: Saturday August 5th, 2017