We are no longer hosting in-person gatherings of any kind until we are comfortable that we will not be placing anyone at risk, based on available data.

On March 19, Dr. Brian McBeth joined us on a video call to discuss the current COVID-19 situation, you can view a recording of this video here.

We are using Zoom: How to Join A Zoom Meeting. If you’re nervous about joining or leading a Zoom meeting, we’ve collected some tips and tricks here.

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Volunteering to Help
Upcoming E-vents and Links
Shabbat Services
Resources: PDFs and more

Volunteering to Help:

Please consider supporting Kol Emeth’s COVID-19 relief efforts in partnership with LifeMoves and Community Services Agency (CSA). There are many ways to help, like sewing masks for LifeMoves or donating to their Emergency Relief Fund, or donating food to CSA. Learn more about how you can donate and participate here.

Upcoming E-vents

See This Week At Kol Emeth for what we’re doing this week.

Due to security concerns we are no longer posting zoom links on our main website. If you’re interested in attending an event and not a member, we still want you! Please email the office!

All links to events will be sent out via email as well as posted on the members’ site. If you are not currently receiving our emails and want to be added to our list, please contact us.

Members can also log in to see zoom links here.

Shabbat Services

Check your email or the members site for this week’s zoom link!
Also check our Resources for Davening at Home Section.


Virtual Minyan links will be included in the weekly email we send and links will be posted on the members site.

Davening at Home (PDF files from Siddurim):

The Rabbinic Assembly has allowed limited-time downloading of prayers for E-Sidurs. Please follow any of the links below to find what you’re looking for:

Shabbat (Click on the links for the services you wish to download):

Additional Resources

Here is a PDF file for The Prayer in Place of Mourner’s Kaddish when there is no minyan.

Everyone is welcome in our egalitarian Jewish community