Who We Are. We are the members: men, women, and kids of all ages, of the Kol Emeth Community. We’re people who can cook (and people who can’t cook!) all extending hands to offer a bit of our time and love to take care of fellow congregants in need.

What We Do. We bring meals to people who are sick, in mourning, or have a new baby. We help set up Shiva minyans. We visit people who can’t get out of the house much. We give rides to shul. Kol Emeth’s Chesed Program translates love and compassion into a program of acts and deeds that allow us to support and lift each other up in times of need and at life cycle events.

We touch lives. In a growing community it is easy to feel lost. New members need a way to meet people, and long time members need a way to re-connect and deepen their personal relationships. Chesed weaves people together by bringing help to those in need. It is enhanced through Shevatim (The Kol Emeth Neighborhoods Initiative), which allows members to build on relationships with others who live near them.

Please join with us. We can always use more “hands”! The Chesed Committee eagerly encourages your participation. If you need assistance with anything, or you want to help, please contact the office, for more information.

Everyone is welcome in our egalitarian Jewish community