Celebrate Pepe Sanchez

We hope you will join us next Sunday, October 28, to honor and celebrate our very special Pepe Sanchez and his dedication to Kol Emeth. We will have an open house from 4:00-5:30pm at the home of Lia and Dave Rensin
This will also be the kickoff for the Kol Emeth cookbook! If you would like, feel free to bring a homemade dessert to share along with the recipe. Please remember to follow the Kol Emeth kashrut guidelines at kekashrut.
To RSVP, please Contact Us.


“Before coming to Kol Emeth and moving to California from Mexico back in 2003, I always knew that food was a key source in maintaining and keeping our bodies well nourished and heathy. However, after fifteen years of preparing meals for the congregation, I learned from Kol Emeth that food is all about community. It is about maintaining, keeping, building, and strengthening each other and our relationships. I never thought that this job would unveil my love for food almost as much as my love for my spouse from whom I have learned as well the importance of food in building relationships. Through my years here I have learned to prepare some delicious dishes for the Kiddush on Shabbat, like Jackie Manne’s sweet kugel, or Tina Dinitz’s famous chili, and have also added some of my own creations. After so many years, I have embraced this job, which to me is really and truly a passion. Let me not forget my Saturday team, without whom this would all be impossible. Today, I can tell you how deeply grateful and honored I feel to be a part of Congregation Kol Emeth”
-Pepe Sanchez.

Post archive date: Sunday October 28th, 2018