Apr. 28-30: Scholar in Residence Rachel Korazim

Please join Kol Emeth in welcoming Dr. Rachel Korazim for a weekend of learning.

Friday, April 28:

6:00pm Social Hall: services followed by Shabbat dinner and a study session. Register at http://tinyurl.com/korazimdinner for the free dinner.

Topic: Echoes of the Holocaust, including recent writing to bring the discussion closer to the present

The Holocaust and the creation of the State of Israel are probably the most important historical milestones in modern Jewish history. We will explore the ways Israeli society deals with the Shoah as a significant influence on who we are and how we behave. Texts include recent works by Amir Gotfreund and Lysie Doron, as well as older writing by Grossman and Liebrect, Treinin, Guri and others as we trace changes in understanding of the Holocaust from different Israeli perspectives.

Saturday, April 29

Shabbat Morning D’var Torah during services: Introduction to The Mizrachi Voice in Israeli Literature

1:15pm-2:15pm Shabbat Shiur in the Main Sanctuary – The Mizrachi Voice in Israeli Literature

Since the waves of mass immigration in the 1950s, these writers have addressed the challenges of Jews from Muslim countries and their integration into Israeli society. This journey, from early marginalization to  more recent adoption of empowered voices, is expressed in a rich and creative literature. We’ll focus on critical reading of works by Nathan Alterman, Balfour Hakak, Shimon Adaf, Roni Somek, Ariela Azulai, and others.

Sunday, April 30

10:30am-12:00pm in the Main Sanctuary – Teaching: Songs of Memory and Celebration

12:00 – 1:30pm: Free Brunch and singing

Three major topics will inform our journey into Israel’s multifaceted society: the hushed voices of Holocaust survivors, the often painful themes of Mizrachi literature (by Jews from the Middle East), and songs as prayers of celebration and memory. These sessions will offer insight into the evolving mosaic of Israeli identity. Join us for an engaging study of literature and song taught by renowned scholar Dr. Rachel Korazim.

For many “secular” Israelis, singalongs have come to replace prayer. On days of commemoration, celebrations of family and life-cycle events, as well as public ceremonies, Israelis sing.  We’ll take a closer look at the lyrics and music of some of the best known songs from the early years of the state to newer additions to the canon. We will move from songs and poems of commemoration to the more joyous songs of Yom Haatzmaut.  Born during the era of independence to Holocaust survivors in Israel, Dr. Rachel Korazim is a Jewish education consultant in curriculum development for Israel and Holocaust education. Rachel opens a window into Israeli society through literature; through stories, poems and songs, she invites listeners to engage with Israel in an innovative way. Rather than sharing the Israel of the pulpit, of fundraising, or of the media, Dr. Korazim gives you the Israel of the Israeli Living Room – closer, warmer, approachable.

Post archive date: Friday April 28th, 2017