Escaping Nazi Germany – A Miracle with Ralph Bernstein

November 11th at 5PM.
2525 Charleston Rd, Suite 204, Mountain View, 94043

Ralph Bernstein will talk of his family’s experience in Germany on Crystal Night (Kristallnacht) November 9-10, 1938 and how they miraculously escaped from Germany.

Bernsteins had lived in Germany for years. In the years leading up to Kristallnacht, Ralph’s father, the local Rabbi in Zweibrucken, Germany, visited jailed Jewish men. During these visits he met a German official who he thought was a local police officer and they became chess partners. The man, Curt Trimborn, was actually a Nazi official.

On November 9, 1938 an attack on Jews in Germany was carried out by Nazis. Synagogues were burned, Jews attacked and murdered and Jewish homes looted. Rabbi Bernstein was arrested by the SS, jailed and scheduled to be sent to a concentration camp the next morning. When Ralph’s mother heard about his arrest, she contacted the Nazi official. He came to the jail and freed Rabbi Bernstein. He warned him that he must leave Germany that night. Trimborn actually drove the family to the French border. The Bernsteins made their way to the US and arrived in May 1939.

During WWII the Nazi official was involved in very serious war crimes. After the war he was arrested, tried, convicted and jailed. This story of Ralph and his family’s unlikely escape from Germany will be presented as will Ralph and Leah’s meeting with the Trimborn family in 2014.

Biography: Ralph Bernstein, an electrical engineer, has had a distinguished career in science and engineering. He held senior technical, and management positions at the IBM Palo Alto Scientific Center and the IBM Federal Systems Division. He also worked at the Electric Power Research Institute. He is the author of the book “Digital Image Processing for Remote Sensing” – IEEE Press, has written numerous scientific and engineering papers, holds five patents, and received the NASA Medal for Exceptional Scientific Achievement.
Ralph and his wife Leah have been members of Kol Emeth since 1979.

Post archive date: Sunday November 11th, 2018