Alternative Shabbat Prayer Experiences

Various Shabbat mornings, 10:30am-12:00pm.

Please check our calendar for the next service!

On various shabbats throughout the year we offer opportunities for alternative ways to pray. This year Rabbi Amy Eilberg and Cantor Sharon Bernstein will be leading different services on the following dates.

Slim Shabbat

The Slim Shabbat service is offered as an alternate to the regular minyan on the first Shabbat of each month. It will be completely lay led with an energetic invitation to teen participation. It will begin at 10: 15 am and end promptly at 12: 15 pm, and into these two hours all the key elements of the traditional service are given pride of place while being shoe-horned in.

Contemplative Service

Ever want a service with fewer words? Join Rabbi Amy Eilberg in singing extended soulful chants of short segments of prayer, interspersed with moments of silence, to draw the prayers deep into our hearts. On the second shabbat of the month.

Re-imagining Prayer

Join Cantor Sharon Bernstein and her KE team of Adam Tachner, Ben Lehmann, and Lisa Kolbe, as we reimagine prayer. This ruach-filled service is a chance to experiment and see how prayer can touch the heart and soul.

Alternative Minyan with Nechama Tamler

On the 4th Shabbat of the month, you are invited and warmly welcomed to spend an hour looking at a few nuggets in the weekly Torah portion and mining the words and phrases to uncover possible meanings that can be applied to our lives, right now. We’ll spend time in hevrutot (pairs) or small groups discussing the ways the words of the parasha (portion of the week) could be relevant to each of us in different ways, and enjoy the multi-vocality of the text. We’ll use the Etz Chayim humash with the JPS translation—please feel free to bring another translation to spice things up.

Everyone is welcome in our egalitarian Jewish community