Adult Education

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The Adult Education Committee at Kol Emeth organizes programming that enables congregants and community members to deepen their knowledge of the Jewish world and their connection to Judaism and the Kol Emeth community.  Ongoing programming includes Shabbat Shiurim, talks on a wide range of topics by local experts (often congregants), and visiting scholars; the Jewish Salon, a place to explore ideas influencing the Jewish world today; a Women’s Study group and Rosh Chodesh group; a Mussar class (on ethical principles); and regular Talmud classes.  Annual highlights are our Scholar in Residence programs and the Women’s Retreat.

Alef Bet for Adults

Come learn the alef bet in a fun and supportive setting.  We’ll concentrate on decoding Hebrew letters and vowels to form words using the text: Reishit Binah- Hebrew Reading Crash Course.  We’ll practice together using songs, prayers, and writing.   This program is perfect for new learners or anyone interested in a refresher.

Please contact Jeff Schwarz ( or the office to sign up or for more information.   Course is free for members;  $50 for non-members.

Talmud Class

Talmud is the gift and key text of the Jewish people. It is the formative text of Judaism, offering us law, theology, and practice. The Sunday morning Talmud Study Group, now in its 38th continuous year, meets at 10:15 each Sunday morning to explore together the text and how it speaks to us. People bring a variety of learning from many different spheres, including engineering, psychology, and Yeshiva learning, creating a rich mix and discussion. We are currently studying Tractate Bava Kama (The First Gateâ), which deals with civil matters, such as damages and torts. Newcomers are always welcome!

Intro to Mussar Class

Every 2nd Wednesday, 12:30pm
Mussar is a newly rediscovered classical Jewish practice of improving the self through practice and study. It focuses on characteristics like anger, compassion and patience with specific effort to attain / modulate those characteristics in ways that lead to elevated living This class is open to people new or beginning their study of Mussar. We base our study on Alan Morinis’ book Everyday Holiness: The Jewish Spiritual Path of Mussar.
Open to non members. No cost.

Latest updates on when and where each class will be held can be found on our Calendar.


Everyone is welcome in our egalitarian Jewish community