Study Programs, Scholarships, and Internships in Israel

There are 8 major institutions of higher education in Israel offering study abroad and undergraduate and graduate degree programs that also include a comprehensive package of tours of the country, archeological digs, and social events. All programs are offered in English with a Hebrew study component, or in Hebrew with the option to submit work in English:

  • Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Beersheva offers
    • International Non-Degree Programs inHebrew Language Studies, Sustainable Development, Global Health, Israel Studies, Academic Internships (for credit); study in Anthropology, Politics, Communication, History, Sociology, and more.
    • International Summer Schoolin Global Health, Human Rights, Hebrew Ulpan.
    • International Degree Programs:MA, MD, MSc, and PhD in Natural Sciences, Israel Studies, Engineering, Desert Studies, Global Health, and Advanced European & International Studies.
  • Hebrew University, Rothberg International School, Jerusalem Founded in 1918, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem is Israel’s second-oldest university, after the Technion. The Hebrew University has three campuses in Jerusalem and one in Rehovot, offering
    • Hebrew Language and other Summer Classes.
    • Special Programs such as Bible Translation, Israeli and International Law, Conflict Resolution, Archeology.
    • Preparatory programs for students wishing to prepare for study in an Israeli university.
    • Undergraduate Study Abroad Program for 1st to 4th year students in Religious, Israel and Middle Eastern Studies, Business, Psychology, the Arts, Journalism and Bioengineering.
    • Graduate Studies for the master’s degrees, non-degree graduate studies, and research tracks for advanced doctoral students in n Biblical and Jewish Studies, Religion, Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies, Jewish Education, Israeli Society and Politics, Nonprofit Management and Leadership, and more.
  • Interdisciplinary Institute, Live in Israel, Study in English at the Raphael Recanati International School, Herzliya offers innovative programs in entrepreneurship, leadership and diplomacy, Jewish Peoplehood Studies, Israel at Heart program as well as undergraduate and graduate studies toward the degree in all of its schools—Law, Business, Computer Science, Government, Communications, Psychology.

Tel Aviv University International offers a broad range of programs—

  • Summer Hebrew language and Israel studies.
  • Gap Year and Study Abroad in Israel and Jewish Studies, and most courses.
  • Undergraduate and graduate programs in the Natural and Social sciences, Humanities, Engineering, Medicine, Law, Business, Middle Eastern and Israel Studies, and in the cutting-edge interdisciplinary Environmental Studies program (MA/Ph.D. scholarships available) housed in the internationally acclaimed, one-of-its kind self-sustaining green building.
  • University of Haifa offers Summer Courses in Hebrew and Arabic languages and Culture, and Global Public Health, one-two semester Study Abroad programs in Peace and Conflict, Global Law, Holocaust Studies, and Business.
  • Weitzman Institute, Rehovot An international center of scientific research and graduate study, the Institute’s celebrated scientists have focused on collaborating across borders and disciplines to discover visionary solutions to humanity’s most pressing issues.

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