IAC’s Award Winning Projects – Building Community with Israel

Israel in our Voices (2010-2011) a library of recorded moving, often funny Israel stories from KE congregants who have lived, worked, volunteered, studied, or visited in Israel. The stories are archived in five different categories on the Kol Emeth website and can be easily accessed. Winner of the prestigious United Synagogue Solomon Schechter Gold Award for originality and quality. The Schechter Award highlights the importance of Israel to Jews everywhere as well as the historical identification of the Conservative Movement with the Zionist ideal.
Life in Israel
History of Israel
Life Changing Experiences in Israel
Remembrances of Israel (special interest)
Remembrances of Israel (mostly personal)

Israel through our Eyes
(2011-2012) a series of congregation-wide events around KE members’ photos of Israel, culminating in the beautiful photomosaic collage of the Kotel hanging in the Social Hall, a “coffee table” album of the same Israel photographs, a 204 piece Jerusalem puzzle of the photomosaic collage, a social evening that included a friendly competition reassembling the photomosaic puzzle, and a religious school art project.  Click here to order copies of the album and/or puzzle.

Arava Medical Center (2012-2013) KE’s pioneering project raising over $60,000 for construction of a much needed medical center in the Central Arava, a developing region of the Israeli Negev.
The partnership between Kol Emeth, JNF, and the Israeli pioneers settling the Central Arava has expanded our Israel community and will result in a vital Medical Clinic. KE Religious School students collaborated on an art project inspired by their interaction with the children living in the Central Arava, and learned about this significant part of Israel during a Hands on Sunday. Rabbi Booth and KE members who traveled this past June 2013 to Israel visited the Arava.

Arava Medical Center http://israelproject.kolemeth.org/

Calling All Artists- Kol Emeth and Arava Create Together (2013-2014) a collaborative art project between Arava artists and Kol Emeth congregants that took us on a spiritual journey inspired by the landscapes of the Arava and the landscapes of the Bible.

Through public skype events between our Rabbi Booth and Rabbi Benji Gruber in the Arava and the sharing of our poems, stories, paintings, sketches, photographs, and sculptures, we strengthened our bonds with our Arava community. The artwork was on exhibit In the Arava in Israel, and at Kol Emeth.

Arava Art and Community (Ma’alot Project 2014-2015) The Arava-Kol Emeth collaborative art project is now on exhibit at the Oshman Family Jewish Community Center, Palo Alto through the summer of 2014. There will be a gala reception at OFJCC on August 21. In the spring of 2015, the Religious School Art Chug will collaborate on another art project with students in the Arava. Past Ma’alot projects will be documented for future KE reference and sharing with USCJ kehillot.

Everyone is welcome in our egalitarian Jewish community