Mission Statement

Kol Emeth Mission Statement

To bring people closer to each other and to their Jewish faith through Torah-infused Judaism, as part of a joyous and welcoming community.

Who We Are

We pray, play, and learn together.  We support everyone’s unique lifelong Jewish and human journeys.

Core Values – Time In

(T)ikkun Olam. We experience the blessings in our lives as an impetus to bring goodness into the lives of others. Volunteering and being active in a variety of causes is critical to who we are. We stand with all communities in a shared commitment to opposing violence and hate through love and belief.

 (I)srael. We are unambiguously pro-Israel, recognizing that congregants have a wide variety of views on Israel’s politics and policies. We see our Jewish identity connected to the land of Israel.

(M)eaning and Personal Journeys. We encourage quests for meaning and spiritual connection. We are neither afraid to talk about God nor to question.  

(E)ducation. We engage people at all points of life to offer meaning, intellectual and spiritual growth, and Jewish skills and empowerment.  

 (I)nclusivity & Humility. We welcome all to our warm, Hesed (compassion / love) filled community. Kol Emeth sees each person, regardless of gender, race, religion, orientation, ability, or income, as created in the image of God. Further, our egalitarian services are most often lay led so that every voice is heard.

I(n)novation and Experimentation. We offer ancient wisdom and practices that speaks to multiple generations. Experimentation and innovation frame the expression of our faith and practice. 



  1. Be a platform that appeals to and engages Jews- affiliated and unaffiliated- into a richer and more fulfilling Jewish experience
  2. Be a center of high caliber learning that allows for personal interpretation, is relevant to daily lives, and creates communal connections
  3. Guided by Conservative values, embrace innovation and experimentation to provide spiritual sustenance particularly around Shabbat and Jewish holidays that appeals to diverse interests over the full lifecycle. 
  4. Inspire a community that cares for its members and endeavors to impact the broader community and views other Jewish organizations as our partner in our broader mission.
  5. Manage our governance and finance in a stable thoughtful fashion.
  6. Be a model and guide for the future of egalitarian and Conservative Judaism.


Core Values Illustrated

(T)ikkun Olam.  

  • Programs to feed the hungry
  • Hosting a shelter in our new facility
  • Raising funds for IsraAid.
  • Standing with Muslims after the murderous shooting in New Zealand


  • Programs around Israeli popular culture
  • Speakers on a variety of Israeli political and cultural topics
  • Regular trips to Israel
  • Partnering with JNF to build a medical center in the Arava

(M)eaning and Personal Journeys. 

  • Regular services on Shabbat, holidays, and daily minyan   
  • Alternative services including hikes, meditation, and musical Havdalah


  • Connections, our Jewish enrichment and education program for K-7
  • Text classes for both new and experienced learners
  • Courses on genetics and Jewish identity.

(I)nclusivity & Humility.  

  • Learning for non-Jews and interfaith Jews.
  • Making sure finances are never a barrier to connection
  •   Inviting people to the Torah according to their own self-definition of gender.
  • Learning from other faith leaders

I(n)novation and Experimentation.  

  • Gospel Havdalah with an historically Black church.
  • Virtual Whisper Course on the Mussar of Speech
  • Friday night service for Millennials with music, food, and drink


Welcome to Interfaith Families
Welcome to Kol Emeth! We are an everybody-friendly congregation, and we cordially invite people of all backgrounds and faith practices to participate in the KE community. We warmly welcome couples with one Jewish partner, and their families, to join us in prayer, learning, and celebration. We are committed to ensuring that our community is inclusive and supportive to families and extended families.

Partners of Jewish members who hail from other religious backgrounds are encouraged to be full members of our congregation, vote at congregational meetings, fulfill the honor of opening the Ark, and join family and friends on the bima for life cycle blessings and other honors. We are deeply committed to supporting all our members, and honoring the diversity of individuals and families.

Partners of Jewish members are welcome to actively participate in all KE groups and committees except for the Board of Directors.

Religious services are open to everyone, regardless of religion. Individuals must be Jewish to be called to the Torah and lead certain parts of the service. There are, however, many opportunities for meaningful involvement in services. Greeters and ushers are present at every service, and they are happy to help anyone understand the service.

According to Jewish law, Judaism is matrilineal and passed down from mothers to children. KE’s Rabbis are happy to discuss this ruling with parents, discuss whether the conversion process is relevant, and work with families to ensure that children can become Bar or Bat Mitzvah.

Welcome to LGBTQ Individuals and Families
At Kol Emeth, we are committed to embracing and supporting Jewish families of all compositions. KE welcomes same-sex couples and families with same-sex parents, and welcomes LGBTQ individuals to participate in the community and religious life of the synagogue. We strongly hope that all members of our community feel comfortable praying, learning, and celebrating together


Everyone is welcome in our egalitarian Jewish community