2017-2018-Board of Officers and Directors


Jennifer Miller President
Wendy Allyn 1st Vice-President
Carmel Johnson 2nd Vice-President
KT Moortgat Treasurer
Russell Gottfried Secretary
Mike Krigel Past President
Lisa Peckler Adult Education
Joshua Geist Education
Marc Bader Fundraising
Marcia  Lepler Home Hospitality
Erika Shapiro New Member Integration
Isabelle Suares Programming Liaison
Esther Rosenfeld Religious Practices
Reba Cohen Relocation
Eric Tannenwald Strategic Planning
Lia Rensin Youth
Tamika Hayes At Large #1
 Misha Imberman Berkowitz At Large #2
Marc Itzkowitz At Large #3

To contact a member of our board of directors, use the form on the Contact Us page and the office will route your email. If you want to reach a particular person or a particular portfolio, you may include that information in the Attn field on the contact form. If you are a member of Kol Emeth, you can look up board members’ contact information in the Members Directory on the Members Site.

Everyone is welcome in our egalitarian Jewish community