A Prayer of Hope for Shabbat

This is a time for caution; but not fear. This is a time for faith; not despair. I believe in a Divine force who brings hope and healing to the world. And I believe in the people in the Kol Emeth and Palo Alto community.

Reasons for hope: Yes, this disease will spread. Yet for most of us, our symptoms will be mild. Serious illness occurs in 16% of cases according to the CDC. That’s a big number, but also means 84% of cases will be mild. We are acting to slow the spread so our medical system can manage what is coming and I believe we are succeeding. We are acting dramatically to protect the most at risk more than a concern for all. And that is incredible in its loving quality.

Further, we are blessed in the South Bay to have excellent medical providers and facilities. I have spoken personally to people leading these efforts at PAMF, El Camino Hospital, and Kaiser Santa Clara. These physicians are well trained, compassionate, and preparing rapidly for what is coming. Our local Health Department and medical providers are among the best in the world. This is a great blessing.

Finally, we have hope in God. Faith doesn’t mean all will be well; it means God can be with us even in challenges and difficulties. Faith pushes away fear because good can emerge even in darkness.

So a prayer as Shabbat begins:

God and the God of our ancestors, our hope is in you. Be with medical professionals and caregivers to guide them with wisdom and to strengthen them for the effort to come. Help us remember to hope, to push away fear, and to respond to one another with caring and kindness. Shabbat brings a quality of healing into the world; may we feel that healing.

As we work together to slow the spread of this disease, take note of our care for our whole community. And inspire in all of us deeds of kindness to help everyone through this confusing and unusual time.

Wishing you all a Shabbat Shalom!

With love and care-
Rabbi David Booth

Post archive date: Monday April 13th, 2020