The purpose of Youth Education at Kol Emeth is to lay the foundation of a strong and joyful Jewish identity, upon which every child can build a life of learning, celebration, and ethical action. We believe Jewish education should be fun, flexible, and offer fantastic content!
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Do you want your child to learn Hebrew? Meet friends? Develop a Jewish identity? Experience Jewish culture? Learn Jewish songs? Feel confident leading a service? No matter what your priorities, we have a program for you! Kol Emeth values Jewish education in many shapes and forms, and provides diverse opportunities for kids and families to “do Jewish” together.

Kol Emeth offers intimate classes led by experienced and devoted teachers. We build a strong sense of community through our family Shabbat dinners, holiday programs, and school-wide celebrations. Rabbi Matzkin, Rabbi Booth and Rabbi Graff are all closely involved in our youth programs, supporting, encouraging and challenging our students to engage with the Jewish tradition. Our many wonderful teachers, lay leaders and teen Madrichim help round out our engaging and comprehensive Youth Education Programs.

The following is a general outline of our amazing programs. Kol Emeth educators are happy to meet with you to review your options and find the best fit for your child. We encourage you to contact Rabbi Michael Schwartz to learn more about our programs and find your place at Kol Emeth.

Religious School (Tuesdays, 3:50-6:15pm and Saturdays, 9:30am-12:15pm)

Kol Emeth’s award-winning Religious School (Tuesdays/Saturdays) offers K-7th graders a twice-weekly experience of Jewish education. With intimate class sizes led by thoughtful and creative teachers, our students gain the knowledge, skills, and pride/identity that leads to a lifelong love of Judaism and Jewish communal involvement, including and beyond Bar/Bat Mitzvah. We celebrate the Jewish holidays as a school, always bringing a new slant to the traditions. We sing and pray together, weaving new melodies with long-standing favorites to create a mood of gratitude, reflection, and positive communal energy. Students are challenged to think for themselves and participate fully in dialogues with rabbis, other students, and teachers.  The faculty brings project-based learning, technology and media tools, and creative games to help students access the richness of their Jewish heritage.

Our Chugim (elective) program connects students’ personal interests with expressive, artistic, and hands-on modalities of Jewish life. Highlights have included Photography, Mosaics, Band and Glee Club, Ceramics, Portrait Drawing, Gardening, Radio, Needlepoint, Silk Painting, and more. Professional artists as well as passionate community members join the faculty to share their expertise with our students.

Chugim for Shabbat mornings: get ready for israeli dance, Sports b’Ivrit, Krav Maga and Jewish yoga!

Small Group Hebrew Learning:

We are moving to a “Hebrew-by-level” approach for 3rd-7th graders on Tuesday afternoons. Additionally, on Saturdays, all students will participate in small “Ivrit Groups” with one adult or teen leader working with 3-4 students throughout the year.  Groups will be compiled by Hebrew competency and have the chance to focus on basic decoding skills, parts of the Shabbat service, Israeli stories, and even conversational Hebrew.  This individualized and relational approach will allow each student to improve and excel at a faster rate and feel a stronger sense of excitement and ownership of their Hebrew learning.

 J. Studio on Sunday Mornings

Kol Emeth proudly introduces J.Studio, a new program for kids in grades K-3.  Fast-paced and fun, J.Studio uses camp-like scheduling to keep kids moving and learning. Each week, kids spend the morning visiting three different “studios”: Art Studio, Music Studio, and Jewish Voyage Studio. Jewish learning is integrated into everything that happens in the Studios, and activities in Studios are designed to be engaging, inclusive, and educational.  Learn more here…

Everyone is welcome in our egalitarian Jewish community