Alternative Shabbat Prayer Experiences!

Kol Emeth is excited to bring you new, engaging experiences for Shabbat!  Each week of the month, enrich yourself  in these smaller Minyanim, and discover new prayers, new melodies and different leaders.

  • 1st Saturday: Kol Shira – A joyful musical service. 10:30-12:00pm
    A new, lively and shorter Shabbat experience. Upbeat singing, provocative Torah study, and the joy of being together. Led by Rabbi Sarah Shulman from Camp Ramah.
  • 2nd Saturday: Entering Jewish Prayer. 9:45-10:45am.
    An interactive class with Rabbi Sarah Graff. Explore what the traditional morning prayers can mean to you.
  • 3rd Saturday: Contemplative Service. 10:30am-12:00pm.
    Ever want a service with fewer words? Join Rabbi Amy Eilberg in singing extended soulful chants of short segments of prayer, interspersed with moments of silence, to draw the prayers deep into our hearts.
  • 4th Saturday: Kol Sasson – Start the Morning with joy! 10:30am-12:00pm.
    Let the singing and chanting of selected Psalms and morning blessings get your Shabbat morning started. Participants can then join the Torah service in the Main Sanctuary. Led by Rabbi Mychal Copeland, and friends.