An everybody-friendly, egalitarian Jewish community – your Conservative Synagogue in the heart of Silicon Valley. Kol Emeth is a place to learn, grow, pray, and make face-to-face human connections. Come visit!

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Upcoming Events


Welcome to Kol Emeth

We want to warmly welcome you both to our services and our community... More...

Choirhawks flyer image

Dec 5 Choirhawks Chanukah Concert

Join us for a FREE Shabbat concert by the Choirhawks! This spirited young choral group from LA will perform a capella hits from a variety of popular and Jewish sources. Their energetic and interactive performance promises to bring fun for all ages!... More...

Chanukah Menorah

Dec 8 Annual Chanukah Celebration, Presented by KE Religious School

Join us for our grand Chanukah celebration! Sing Chanukah songs, watch our courtyard glow with a spectacular community candle-lighting, and win prizes in an exciting game of Chanukah Bingo! Enjoy a delicious Chanukah dinner...... More...

Yiddish Poster

Dec 9 Bagel Bytes: Eat, Pray, & Love in Yiddish

Yiddish was the lingua franca for many of our ancestors; it was used both for everyday and for holy matters. Come and see Yiddish examples for birth announcements, wedding invitations...... More...

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